Abdullah's Azan Clock

Product Features

Displays Time, Date, Day, and Temperature.

Displays Namaz time with its end time.

Beautiful Azan with Dua after Azaan.

Indication for makrooh times (tulu, zawal, gurub).

Displays Sahr and iftaar times.

Variety of background colours and languages.

Excellent choice for Home, Office, shop, restaurant etc.

Mobile App for settings and changing display colour.

Two Carry in Year warranty, Lifetime free service, 15+ years life.

Now with 2 year of Carry-in Warranty
at just Rs. 7080 /- (inclusive all)
All over India shipping
Technical Specification :
Size : 18" X 12"
Material : ABS Plastic
Power Consumption : 8-9Watt
Weight : 2.5 kg
Wall Mount on 2 Screw

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98330 77722 / 98335 77722

Unboxing of Azan Clock

Call or WhatsApp

98330 77722 / 98335 77722

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